This Kickboxer Has The WEIRDEST Reaction To Being Knocked Out EVER


Whether it’s boxing, mixed martial arts or kickboxing, there’s a pretty standard reaction to getting knocked out in the ring by your opponent. You lay on the canvas, stare up at the ceiling and think, ‘f*ck – that hurt…’ We’ve all seen it a million times. It’s how everyone deals with being sparked out. Well, almost everyone. It looks as though the guy you’re about to see didn’t get the memo, though.

He gets put on his a*s and it looks like any other fight. Until he decides to go loco. He gets up, waves his hands around in the air like he’s a champ, like Rocky, then tries to carry on. The referee isn’t having any of it, regardless of how adamant he is. Then it gets TRULY weird.

Just wait until you see what he does at the end of the video. It’s funny, but we just can’t get our heads around it. What a strange dude…

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