A Taekwondo Grandmaster Takes On a Kung Fu Champion… Who Do You Think Will Win???

When it comes to martial arts, each discipline has unique qualities and may consider itself the most complete, useful or ‘the best’ fighting skill out there. Whether it’s a defensive art, or offensive one, it’s normally just a matter of perspective.

Mixed martial arts takes the best and most useful aspects of all the various disciplines. But kept pure, which is the best? Let’s look at a match-up between two highly-skilled fighters. A Kung Fu Master and a champion of Taekwondo. Who’s more likely to win?

The Taekwondo fighter is a man called ‘Najib’, an Indian man who had dedicated his life to martial arts. He’s wearing white. And in the red? That’s Ehsan Shafiq, an Kung Fu expert. Only one is going to leave the ring victorious?

Find out!

And here’s the man up against a dude from another sporting background. Watch him fight a kickboxer here: