These INSANE Custom-Made Supercars Are Lighting Up The Streets!

Tokyo, Japan. In the dead of night a fleet of crazy-expensive supercars roar down the street. But as if seeing a dozen Lamborghinis racing down the freeway isn’t insane enough, these custom-made beauties are even more special… They’re specially designed and customed Lambos that light-up, making the roads of Tokyo look like they’re out of a video game. It looks INSANE. And damn cool indeed.

Mirror finishes, amazing paint jobs, neon lights trimming the car, they look out of this world. The effect only really takes shape at night, of course. And when it gets dark? These babies come into their own and when you see ’em… You’re gonna want one.

As it stands, this car culture only exists in Japan, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see it transfer west. Who wouldn’t want their car looking as sharp as this…? Check it out for yourself: