Dude Trying To Rush Kanye’s Mosh Pit Gets Totally Laid OUT By Security!

Part of the fun of music festivals, for a lot of people, is the ol’ mosh pit. A big, heaving throng of people all drunk and writhing – enjoying the music in a rather aggressive way. These cramped groups of dancing and shoving revelers aren’t for everyone, though. You wouldn’t catch us dead getting bashed around in a mosh pit. Even at a Kanye West gig.

But the dude in this clip? He’s keen on the idea. So much so that he can’t wait. Literally. He’s running at full speed into the mosh pit. He’s rushing it. Now, ordinarily, at any other music festival performance? That’s fine – whatever. But not here…

Kanye has his own security. And the security already working at the festival will be on high alert when he’s performing. And you can see that here as a member of security absolutely NAILS the fella!


See for yourself: