Man Sets New Record For The Biggest Biceps In The UK

We all have a special talent or something we’re proud of. Maybe you’re an awesome singer, a banging dancer or you are extremely good at theĀ ukulele (no one is judging you if that’s true). But have you ever set a new record for something you’re good at? This guy did.

Dave Crosland, aged 44, lives in the UK and is a father of three. He trains six times a day, pushing weights of up to 280lbs. He boasts a crazy set of biceps that are 25 inches – largely thanks to his 10,000 calories a day diet.

His training and eating habits have landed him the title of “Biggest Biceps in the UK”. Oddly though, he had no intention of breaking the record and was quite surprised to hear that he had.

Are you interested in training with the guy better known as Dave ‘the freak’ Crosland? No thanks.