MMA Fighter Fakes Glove Touch Before Dishing Out The Scummiest KO Of All Time

Ibragim Khalilov took just three seconds to knock out his opponentĀ Bakhtiyar Baratov at theĀ Chinese-organized MMA event WBK 22 recently. But that ain’t to be applauded. In fact, he’s pretty much Public Enemy #1 right about now in mixed martial arts circles…

Why? Well, it’s all about the style of the knockout. He feigned touching gloves and used the split second of confusion to slam a huge right into the face of his unsuspecting opponent and end the fight before it had even begun.

Cheap shots don’t get any cheaper than this and when you watch the clip, you’ll soon learn why his name is sh*t right now.

MMA Cheat

Thing is? The move was perfectly legal. So maybe he should be cut some slack. Exploiting loopholes? What’s wrong with that?

Well, you’ll soon see!

MMA Cheat

Not nice. At all. Check it out:

Another angle: