Mr Olympia Rising Star Justin Compton Is An Absolute BEAST!

Mr Olympia, an annual event held at Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend in Las Vegas, is one of the most prestigious bodybuilding events around. Competitors from across the world duke it out to win $400k prize money, as well as one of the top titles in the sport.

With the competition just a few short weeks away, who is the favorite to succeed? Well, we think that rising star Justin Compton is in with a very good chance of winning the title. Compton, who is 28, stands at just 5 ft 8, but weighs in at a whopping 224lbs.

Compton, who hails from Mount Sterling, Kentucky, first took up bodybuilding as a teenager with body image issues. Since he started training he has built up over 100lbs in body muscle. Determined, driven and extremely hard working, Compton really is one to watch.