Here’s What Happens When A Normal Person Fights A UFC Pro

MMA. We all love it. The UFC is one of the most entertaining sports organizations out there. And when we say we ‘love it’, we’re talking about watching it. We ain’t talking about trying it. Imagine getting into the ring with a professional UFC fighter. It’s not gonna end well for you, is it?

In this video, four brave souls do just that. To begin with, it’s tame. The challenge is – ‘who can actually hit the guy?’ But the fourth and final dude gets cocky. He’s got a little martial arts background. He fancies himself. So the fighter challenge him to a fight…

Stupidly, the dude accepts. And – whaddaya know? – it doesn’t go well for him. If you fight a UFC pro, you’re gonna lose. Especially when the size difference looks like this:

Regular People Try Punching A UFC Fighter

You’ve gotta respect them for getting in the ring. But the last guy? We think he’s got a screw loose. He damn near gets his head knocked off!