Paraglidering Girl Has A Bumpy Ride As She Runs For Take-Off…

Ah, paragliding. A weird idea. You attach yourself to half a parachute and throw yourself off a cliff, hoping to glide in the air instead of plummeting to the floor. Lots of people do it across the world. Why? We’ve no idea – they’re nuts. But hey – each to their own. At least it can be fun to watch others doing it, anyway. Especially if they’re girls with a certain type of top on… Yeah, yeah – we know. We’re pervs. What can we say?

Paragliding Shanghai is the company behind this video. Their tagline – “More than just flying”. And they prove it here by showing us that there’s more to paragliding that just the actual paragliding. Especially when there’s a girl with a low cut top filming herself running for take-off in slow motion.

You don’t need to be a fan of extreme sports to enjoy this.