Momma Rabbit Goes Flat Out Thug On Snake That Attacks Her Babies!

You ever see the ’70s Charles Bronson cop movie Death Wish? Charlie is an out of shape old cop with a big ol’ mustache and a giant gun. With his greying fringe and sports jacket he doesn’t exactly look like the scariest guy in the world. But the bad guys soon sit up and take notice when he starts blasting people away.

Why are we talking about an old vigilante flick? Well, because we were reminded of Death Wish when we saw the video below. A big nasty black snake steals a litter of baby rabbits. Some he kills, but one is still alive. It’s nasty, but hey – it’s nature. But out of nowhere? The momma rabbit springs out of nowhere! And it revenge time…

Who knew that bunnies had it in them to go this loco? This little female rabbit takes this snake down, it’s crazy. There’s no mercy here – this is BRUTAL!

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