Rapper Gets B*tchslapped After Pulling Gun During Rap Battle

Sometimes, rap battles get real. Come on, it’s bound to happen that things get a little tough from time to time. You can’t have two guys insulting and threatening each other over and over again without it spilling over into violence from time to time. And that’s exactly what happened recently between two dudes called Charron and K-Shine.

The two battle rappers are facing off against each other when Charron whips out a fake gun as part of a Slim Jesus skit. His opponent takes offence and slaps the ‘gun’ away. In return Charron slaps K-Shine’s hat off. Then things really turn nasty.

Check out what went down when Charron points the prop piece at K-Shine and the hands start flying…

Those slaps put an end to the rap battle, which is a shame. Charron’s got some pretty slick moves. Here are some of the man’s best rebuttals: