These Cops Smoke Weed For The First Time – The Results Are HILARIOUS!

In a video series called ‘Baked‘, the dudes at Cut recruit people who have never smoked cannabisĀ before to spend an hour toking and hitting a bong and giving their thoughts on the experience. Remember they made a video where old ladies smoke weed for the first time? Well, now they’re back. This time out they’re getting three retired police officers to get Baked…

The cops include a man named Rene, who served on the force from 1970 until 1997, Robert who served as a police officer from 1970 until ’86 andĀ David, a reserve police officer from 1997 until 2004. David’s in the middle – just watch him… There is NO WAY he’s never blazed before!

Anyway, they smoke, chat, make jokes, eat some snacks and plays Cards Against Humanity. It’s actually pretty illuminating. Especially when they talk about whether or not weed is a gateway drug.

Check it out: