Dude Gets Revenge On This Gold Digger In The Most SAVAGE Way Possible!

‘Not every girl is a gold digger. But every gold digger is a girl.’ Sounds harsh, but it’s kinda true when you think about it, isn’t it? And YouTuber RiskyRobTV wants to demonstrate that maxim with his new video, ‘Money Hungry Gold Digger Prank‘. And we reckon he does so pretty damn well. He hooks a money grabber, reels her in and then, in a clever little sequence at the end, totally lands her!

He starts off by just testing the waters sans gold to dig. Approaching a girl, he introduces himself and tries to strike up a conversation. He’s given the cold shoulder immediately. Shot down. Instantly. She isn’t keen. So he tests whether she might be if he had a little green on him…

Dropping his briefcase, a whole bunch of money falls out. And she suddenly sits up and takes notice. She suggests they grab a drink. And some food. But just wait to see how he tricks her at the end. It’s savage. He handles this like an absolute BOSS. Check it out: