Is This The Saddest Lap Dance Of All Time?!

You are going to watch what is possibly the saddest video of all time!

This dude is about to be treated to a lap dance by his loving wife. She’s semi-naked and all dolled-up, telling the camera¬†‘This is a special video featuring my husband. It’s to Lana Del Rey’s “Lucky Ones” because we are the lucky ones.’ Lucky guy, indeed, you might think. But you’d be wrong. As the woman begins to dance, we see the guy sat in a chair looking sad and disinterested.

Sad Lap Dance 1And the man stays this way for the entirety of the video! She shimmies and gyrates on her husband, but he remains miserable, staring into space. He doesn’t even look at his wife during the entire routine.
Sad Lap Dance 2

Whether he’s uncomfortable with the situation, or just depressed with his life choices, we do not know. But this is the bleakest lap dance you will ever see.