Woman Goes CRAZY At Russian Vigilantes Who Block Her From Driving

The Stop a Douchebag campaign is run by a bunch of Russian dudes who have had enough of renegade drivers in the country driving however they damn well please. If you think that people drive a little badly or ignore the rules where you live, you’d better check out …Douchebag’s videos, they catch people doing all sorts of things wrong. In this video? They’re picking on people who drive on the sidewalk.

They block the driver, have a go at them and make them reverse. If they refuse, they whack a giant sticker on their windscreen. Most people go along with it. Some get annoyed. Some threaten the SaD guys. But the woman in this clip? She goes super-loco…

There’s a suggestion that her husband’s a gangster, but that doesn’t stop the guys. They keep going at her anyway. And she refuses to back down. Just wait ’til the end!