Teen Sensation Sage Northcutt’s UFC Debut Lasts Less Than a Minute!

19 year-old karate champion Sage Northcutt‘s debut in the UFC went exactly to plan as he whipped around the ring like a tornado and destroyed his opponent in no time at all. It took just 57 seconds for the referee Herb Dean to put a stop to the fight after a lightning quick flurry of punches, kicks and bodyslams left Francisco Trevino reeling.

We told you about Dana White dropping in on one of Northcutt’s fights pre-UFC and being hugely impressed. Well, now the former child actor is a fully paid-up member of the Ultimate Fighting Championships, he’s still impressing.

Trevino looks to be facing disciplinary action after pushing the referee after he stopped the fight. The UFC take such matters pretty seriously and Trevino can expect both a fine and a ban.

Witness Sage Northcutt’s efficient dispatching of his opponent right here: