Irony Overload! Donald Trump Is Fired By Mexican Billionaire Following His Outburst On Migrants Coming Into The USA!

    Businessman and 2016 Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has had a multimillion dollar contract with a television company cancelled following his bigoted outburst about Mexican migrants. Last month, during a speech confirming his intention to run for the Republican presidential nominee, Trump said that Mexico were “bringing their worst people” into the USA including criminals and “rapists.”

    Several organizations were quick to distance themselves from Trump’s remarks, with NBC and Spanish-language network Univision cancelling plans to air Miss World, a program produced by Trump’s broadcasting company.

    Donald Trump

    Now, Carlos Slim, a Mexican billionaire who ranks as the world’s richest man has become the third high profile person to fire Trump. Slim, who is estimated to be worth a cool $71.1 billion (as opposed to Trump’s mere $4.1 billion, which places him a whopping 400 places below Carlos in the rankings), owns production company Ora TV which had been working with Trump for several months on a new project. Slim has now cancelled the project.

    Arturo Elías Ayub, Slim’s son-in-law and chairman of Ora TV, put out the following statement:

    “Working with such a closed-minded person would simply not work. Trump’s comments are racist … we are 100% inclusive, we respect all people, we respect all sexes, races, religions and nationalities. Trump does not think this way. It is difficult to work with a person that does not share our values.”

    It seems that money defines Trump, so hopefully being hit in the pocket in such a way might cause Trump to change his views. We won’t hold out breath though.