7 UFC Fighters Who Are Entirely Different Since USADA Drug Testing Was Brought In

Performance-enhancing drugs used to be a big problem in the world of MMA And UFC. In fact, Joe Rogan once claimed that there was anywhere between 50% and 90% of all fighters on PEDs. Now, though? It’ll be a whole lot less.

Why? Well, the USADA have clamped down big time. And it’s affected a lot of fighter’s careers…

Here are seven UFC fighters whose careers are so much different now…

‘Bigfoot’ Silva


Born with acromegaly which inhibits testosterone, Silva kind of genuinely needs PEDs to stay well. But he can’t have it. Since the introduction of the new rules? He’s not looked as sharp.

Frank Mir


See Mir knocked out up there? Get used to it until he retires, He’s done now in this clean era.

Johnny Hendricks


A good fighter, he often went MIA when the drugs testing came up. His only brawl in the USADA testing era was a defeat to Stephen Thompson.

Josh Barnett


An ex-champ, this guy had his belt taken from him for failing a ‘roids test. Look at him – he ain’t getting back into shape without drugs.

Todd Duffee


Stacked, his physique is aided by his drugs cheating. Duffee somehow managed to convince docs that he needed testosterone replacement therapy for YEARS.

Vitor Belfort


He’s 40 now and off the juice? There’s no way this formerly competitive fighter is winning any more fights.

Yoel Romero


Romero’s a beast. He wins a lot of fights. But why doesn’t he top bills? He fails drugs tests that’s why.