Extreme Things Happen When UFC Fighters Lose Control…

UFC. It’s THE place to be for any mixed martial artists looking to prove themselves and achieve fame and fortune by using their skills. It takes hard work, skill and determination. But it also takes discipline. Lots and lots of the stuff. After all, there are millions of men out there happy to beat seven shades of sh*t out of each other. Without discipline, you’re just a thug. Albeit a very hard thug.

Which brings us to the collection of clips we’ve got for you here. Usually very disciplined and relaxed, this motley crew of UFC types momentarily lost control. They took leave of their senses and went loco. And it was all captured on film.

Rumbles at weigh-ins, fighters not waiting for the bell, fighters not stopping after the bell… There’s literally no controlling these guys when they lose it. See what we mean for yourself: