Tank Abbott Says He Could ‘Beat The Cr*p’ Out Of Ronda Rousey!

Veteran UFC warrior David ‘Tank’ Abbott has laid down the gauntlet to Ronda Rousey and all other female mixed martial artists, saying he could ‘kick the cr*p out of any woman’, including champ Rousey.

He was talking on a podcast about the whole ‘Floyd vs Ronda‘ argument and said:

Pretty boy Floyd would knock the living stuffing out of Ronda. What kind of medical marijuana are people smoking?”

“I will fight any woman on this Earth for free”, Abbott went on.

He then lays down his rules for the fight, saying that if he wins, the loser would have certain ‘female duties’ to perform…

“If I win, which is going to happen — and you’re going to get bashed up good — you have to make me a sandwich.”

But the prize for defeating 50 year-old Abbott? A cool $100,000…

There are terms and conditions, though.

“You can’t be a tranny… you gotta be a female. Born a female.” Tank says.

Hear him out:

Struggling to remember what Tank was like in the ring? Check out this montage… After you’ve watch him take on Kimbo Slice.