Chinese Woman Rips ATM Apart With Her Bare Hands After Going Berserk At A Subway Station!

    A woman from Changchun, China, has run amok at a subway station, destroying an ATM in the process. The unnamed woman, convinced that the machine had swallowed her bank card, began thrashing the ATM, pulling off the machine’s frame and revealing the receipt paper underneath.

    Woman Destroys ATM 4

    The woman then began to approach passers-by asking them for help in retrieving her card. One man tricked the woman into shouting at the machine, telling her that this would help get it back.

    Woman Destroys ATM 3However, bank officials have revealed that no card was found in the machine at the Jilin Province station. They also expressed surprise that someone was able to inflict such damage on one of their ATMs.

    Woman Destroys ATM 2

    The incident, which lasted 10 minutes, was captured on the subway’s CCTV. According to locals, a similar incident had occurred just a few weeks earlier when the woman claimed that the very same ATM had swallowed her bank card, and so began forcing things through the machine’s slots.

    Woman Destroys ATM 1

    Following the incident, the woman was detained in a mental health unit after police ordered that she undergo a full psychiatric assessment.