This Is The World’s Fastest Shotgun And It Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed!

We’ve seen some pretty impressive armory in our time here. From Gatling guns to enormous handguns, machine guns to shotguns. And it’s the latter we want to discuss here today. Shotguns. A very special type of shotgun, in fact. The Fostech Origin 12. What’s so special about this firearm? Well, it claims to be (and definitely is) the world’s fastest shotgun! This thing is straight-up crazy. You’ve never seen a weapon like it!

This thing can unload a drum of thirty cartridges in absolutely no time at all. It cycles so quickly, it practically feels like an automatic! It’s got a 9” barrel too that takes either ten round sticks or between twenty and thirty round drums.

It’s a magnificent beast – watch it in action, totally destroying everything it’s pointed at!