Tiny Little MMA Fighter Challenges GIANT Bodybuilder Right There In The Street…

When a tiny little dude approaches and challenges¬†a¬†guy the size of a small planet, you worry for the small fella. The challenge? Push-ups. Who can nail through the most. The big guy is clearly a bodybuilder. You don’t get that kind of bulk without spending 26 hours a day in the gym. But the small man? Well, he’s into mixed martial arts. So who’s your money on?

The size difference between the two of them is HUGE. Like when we saw Conor McGregor up against The Mountain from Game of Thrones. But is size always important? Well, yeah. If you’re asking yo’ momma, it is… (JK)

This is just for fun, so don’t get all crazy about who’s technique is better or what have you. Just enjoy it. And then get depressed at how few push-ups you could probably do like that. We reckon we could manage about three.