WWE Star Randy Orton Caught Staring At Fan’s Cans During Selfie

WWE star Randy Orton has plenty of fans. And fans being fans… They all want a picture taken with him. And there’s only one type of photograph that gets taken nowadays – the selfie. So, like all celebrities, he has to pose for them all the time.

But whereas most of them a little dull and it’s all polite smiles… This latest selfie? Well, you can tell that Orton didn’t mind posing for it whatsoever. The picture has gone viral. Why? Well, you can clearly see him staring down at the rack of the girl in the photo with him.

And you can also see why he’s staring down there… Only DAMN! You don’t get many of those babies in a cookie jar.

Randy Orton

John Cena is there too but you can’t see him.

Randy Orton

Alright, here it is in full. Mr. Randy Orton getting totally busted…

Damn, Randy… CAUGHT!