Volcano ERUPTS As Scientist Takes Risky Selfie At The Base Of The Crater

Ambrym, Vanuatu. Found in the Malampa Province, ‘The Ambrym’ is a large basaltic volcano, with a giant bubbling lava lake at the base of its crater. Extremely volatile in nature, only fully-trained and particularly cautious and knowledgeable scientists ever enter and then only when absolutely necessary for research purposes. Put simply – volcanoes are dangerous, As one scientist found out recently in The Ambrym to his cost…

Specific details are quite sketchy at this point in time and no names are known, but the man almost lost his life while posing for a SELFIE at the carter’s base. Caught on camera by a television documentary crew that was following the scientist and his crew, the clip has just leaked and it’s pretty incredible.

How many time do you get to see a volcano explode this close up?


First we see footage from what appears to be the documentary crew, then a short clip of the video the scientist was taking as the eruption occurred…


Selfies, eh? Who knew they could be so dangerous…?


See for yourself exactly what happened: