WWE Shocker Sees The Undertaker Return To Wipe The Floor With Brock Lesnar


The Undertaker was back at WWE last night, making his very first appearance inside a wrestling ring since March. Why? Well, so he could confront (and pound) his fierce rival, Brock Lesnar – the dude who infamously ended The Phenom’s long-running Wrestlemania undefeated streak last year. And it totally went to plan.

When the lights dim down into pitch black and the eerie bell sounds, it sends a shiver down anyone’s back. But just imagine if that bells tolls for you. Brock’s a tough guy but even he will have been scared by this intimidating return.

Here’s a quick clip (don’t worry, there’s more below…)

Check out some more of what went down:

He’s still got it… Despite being in his fifties (yep, really…).

The dominant Lesnar was taken to school by the gothic legend. A huge chokeslam and a couple of patented tombstone piledrivers later and it seems like as though a┬árematch between The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar at WWE Summerslam on August 23rd is now on the cards…