Saturday Night’s UFC 197 Saw One Of The Most Elaborate MMA KOs EVER!

Sure, you can win on points in MMA and in the UFC. But that’s no fun. It’s all about knockouts. KOs are what make people tune into the sport and we’ve got a Helluva knockout for you here. It’s from last Saturday night – UFC 197Yair Rodriguez took on Andre Fili and defeated him in epic style. Rodriguez delivered an amazing KO kick to Fili that bears repeat viewing. Again and again. You’re going to dig watching this. Unless you’re Andre Fili, that is.

Yair is 4-0 now in UFC and boasts a similarly excellent record from before his time at the Ultimate Fighting Championships. He’s even delivered knockout blows as impressive as this flying in-air roundhouse kick before.

It’s a thing of real beauty. Watch in awe:

If you like the look of ‘El Pantera’, here’s more from his career: