Is This Girl A P*rn Star Or Not? Some Of These Answers Are HILARIOUS!

Look, this is the internet. And we all know what makes up 98% of the internet, don’t we? That’s right, ‘adult videos’. P*rn. We all know it. You know it. In fact, you’ve probably got five other tabs right now, haven’t you? You dirty mutha…

Anyways, Mu Johnson and Katherine Harris from All Def Digital think they can tell the difference between a regular person and an ‘adult star’. And they’re actually pretty damn good at it.

Mu’s one funny-ass dude. And Katherine’s cool too – let them guide you through the best way to see if a girl’s a p*rno actress or not…

Is It True

So, what do you reckon? Can you tell the difference between a ‘regular person’ and a p*rn star? Reckon you can tell if this girl here is an adult performer?

Find out!