Tupac Biopic Movie Finally Gets Release Date For Theaters…

All Eyez on Me is the long-awaited Tupac Shakur biopic and fans of the late rapper have been going crazy lately about its release date. Well, it looks like we’ve finally got a date set. So book a night off next June. The date? June 16th 2017.

Now this isn’t OFFICIALLY confirmed yet by the studio or distributors, but it comes from a pretty reliable source who should know what he’s talking about. Dominic L. Santana plays Suge Knight in the movie and he just posted about it on Instagram

“We’re all anxious for it to come out but people gotta remember it’s a major film and there’s a lot of process to releasing major films,” Santana writes. “Because it was Tupac a lot of buzz was created word of mouth even while we were filming which usually doesn’t happen until a movie is about to come out.”

Here’s the post:


You can watch the trailer for All Eyes on Me here. Looks like it’s gonna be pretty damn good to us. Roll on June 16th…