Colombian Police Make ‘Biggest Ever’ Coke Bust Before It Reaches America

Colombian authorities are proudly bragging about a drugs bust they just made which they’re describing as the country’s ‘biggest ever’ seizure. They intercepted a whopping EIGHT TONS of cocaine that was due to be shipped to the United States. The bust happened in the small town of Turbo, some 300 miles away from Colombia’s capital, Bogota. It was all stashed up in a hole on a banana farm.

The drugs are thought to have been waiting to be smuggled into America, all by people working for El Clan Úsuga – the South American country’s largest exporter of narcotics. Otherwise known as Los Urabeños, the gang are feared drug trafficking neo-paramilitary types.

Only three people have been arrested so far, but more arrests are expected to follow soon. Here’s more on this fascinating seizure: