Seth Rogen Films New Yorkers’ Reactions As They’re Told That He’s Dead

Ever heard of TruTV’s “Billy on the Street”? Nah, us neither. But if this clip is anything to go by, it might be worth tuning in for. Alright, so Billy himself is a little over excited and a bit annoying, but it could be pretty funny if this clip can be relied upon.

In it, we see Billy go vox popping around New York City. He’s sticking a microphone in people’s facing and asking them stuff. In this particular episode he’s asking them if they’ve heard about the death of movie star and weed fan Seth Rogen.

It’s called “Billy on the Street: DEATH ROGEN! with Seth Rogen.” Billy Eichner is on mic duty. And holding the camera…?

Seth Rogen.


“Wait, are you serious?” one shocked woman says.

“Oh, my gosh! My chest is hurting,” another woman says as she reacts with shock to the ‘tragic’ news.

This is funny, check it out for yourselves: