Colombian Farmer Finds Pablo Escobar’s Hidden $600m Fortune

According to reports from South American newspapers, a 65 year-old Colombian farmer has made the most incredible discovery. Jose Mariena Cartolos has stumbled across one of Pablo Escobar‘s famed ‘money pits’. And the money inside the container? Reported to be up to $600 MILLION in US Dollars…

It’s not clear whether the money is technically now the man’s or what’s happening. Had he have kept quiet, though, as many are saying… How is a 65 year-old farmer going to move that kind of cash?

Escobar is famed for making silly money. At one point he was making so much green, he couldn’t move it or launder it or anything. So, he just buried it!


The discovery is quite likely to trigger a gold rush, with people hitting the Colombian countryside, shovel in hand.


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