This Might Just Be The Most BRUTAL KO The World Of Boxing Has Ever Seen


Boxing. A much-loved, but brutal sport. It takes extraordinary levels of fitness and dedication to rise to the top of it. And the risks are not inconsiderable. You can do some serious damage to yourself or someone else in the ring. Most fights go by and a few nice punches connect. But rarely do you see a knockout that takes your breath away…

No one was really expecting too much from the fight we’ve got a clip of for you below. Courtney Blocker Vs. Dominic Goode was hardly gonna make it to pay per view. But now? It’s a fight all fight fans are gonna want to know about. Why? Well, it’s all about the KO.

Blocker ends Goode here in the most stunning way. Few knockout blows are as devastating and almost cinematic as this one. This really is something you’re going to want to check out…


See for yourself: