Dumped Woman Comes Up With Epic Way To Get Revenge On Her Cheating Ex

Harriet and Dan were lovers. Closer than that, to be fair. They were going steady. Boyfriend and girlfriend. They were in love. Hell, it must’ve been love, Dan even bought them both Justin Bieber tickets. But saying that, he couldn’t have loved her all that much. He did cheat on her. Harriet found out. The pair split up.

She was heartbroken but kept strong. What a douchebag Dan turned out to be, she thought. But it gets worse. He sent her her ticket for the concert, but he wanted her to reimburse him, despite it originally having been a gift.

Harriet agrees to pay him back. But only because it would form part of her dastardly revenge scheme. We love this…

revenge-on-cheaterHere’s how their conversation went down:


Nice reference…


Good work, girl.