Armed Family Catches Burglars; Holds Them at GUNPOINT During Live TV Interview!

Warrior, nr. Birmingham, Alabama. ‘Warrior’ by name, warrior by nature. A family was giving an interview to a TV news crew which was being broadcast live. Why? Well, they’d been burglarized and wanted to appeal for witnesses and tell others to watch out… When the tough family spotted something and acted like the warriors they are.

As the cameras rolled, Dad saw a car drive past the house. He’d watched the security footage of the break-in so many times he was very familiar with what the burglars looked like. In the car? He saw them. Him and his wife acted on instinct, stopped the car and held the two criminals at gunpoint until the cops arrived.

The whole incident was caught on video by the TV news crew who thought they were just there to interview the family. Not film a story of their own…

Burglars Caught on Camera (1)

This family? Proper Thugs. Check ’em in action: