50 Year-Old Claims To Be 15 Months Pregnant; Doctors Tell Her She’s Just Fat

50 year-old Linda Reeves from Milton Keynes in England thinks she’s pregnant. She’s had nine kids and knows what it feels like to be up the duff. But how many months pregnant does she think she is? Three? Six? Nine? Nope. FIFTEEN! Yup, you read that correctly (Ms. Reeves clearly isn’t big into her math…).

Though doctors don’t agree. She’s had five separate CT scans in recent months, all of them prove she’s not with child. The doctors diagnosis? Linda’s just fat. But Linda doesn’t agree…

“Nobody will take me seriously,” she told media outlets. “I’ve had nine children and I know what it’s like to feel a baby inside me.”

Fat not pregnant

“I may not be the slimmest person in the world but I’ve actually lost weight because I’ve been so stressed since all this started in May last year,” she went on.

Fat not pregnant

Hey, maybe it’s just trapped wind? We get like that after enchiladas sometimes.