How Much Do UFC Fighters Earn? You Won’t Believe It!


Last Saturday night saw UFC 196 and some pretty epic fights and shocks. But despite their losses, Conor McGregor and Holly Holm still earned a ton. In fact, The Notorius made history by becoming the first man to earn a million dollar purse for a bout in UFC history. Even though he lost.┬áBut how much did all the others make that night…?

Well, a leaked list of all the wages from UFC 196 has hit the internet. And it makes for some fascinating reading… Here it is in full:

Nate Diaz ($500,000 + no win bonus = $500,000)
Who defeated…
Conor McGregor ($1,000,000)

Miesha Tate ($46,000 + $46,000 win bonus = $92,000)
Who defeated…
Holly Holm ($500,000)

Conor McGregorAnd on the rest of the card:

Ilir Latifi ($25,000 + $25,000 = $50,000) defeated Gian Villante ($36,000)

Corey Anderson ($20,000 + $20,000 = $40,000) defeated Tom Lawlor ($28,000)

Amanda Nunes ($28,000 + $28,000 = $56,000) defeated Valentina Shevchenko ($14,000)

So it clearly pays alright for one night’s work. Plus there are all the sponsorship opportunities and pay-per-view fees. You’ve just gotta work out if it’s worth all the punches and kicks to the head…