John Cena Kicks This Kid Right Out Of His Pants In This HILARIOUS SNL Spoof Of The Karate Kid!

Jeffy Le’Hart (Mikey Day) is a teenager. Into karate. He’s entered the San Fernando Valley Karate Championships and been drawn against Sammy Knox (John Cena). Yeah, that John Cena. From WWE. So he’s gonna get his a*s whupped, right? Right.

This is a skit from Saturday Night Live and a spoof of The Karate Kid. Showing exactly what would have happened in real life as Ralph Macchio’s character started messing about with The Crane move and all that against that big blonde kid. He’d get DESTROYED.

We love SNL and John Cena’s amazing on it. More of him please, that’s what we say.

The Karate Teen - SNL

“What the butt?!”

The Karate Teen - SNL


The Karate Teen - SNL

This is too funny. Who knew John Cena was such a good comedy actor?

Check it out…