Kevin Hart Freaks Out With Jimmy Fallon In A Haunted House And FARTS Through Fear

Kevin Hart will tell you he ain’t afraid, he just looks afraid. It’s all down to him being an actor and all. That’s why he looked so damn petrified that time Jimmy Fallon dragged him onto a rollercoaster. But we suspect that maybe he’s just a tiny bit afraid of a few things… Not least the horrifying scare ride Jimmy took him to recently to celebrate the upcoming Halloween festivities.

The two went along to New York’s most extreme and disturbing scare ride, Blood Manor. A ghost train like no other… For starters, there ain’t no train. Costumed actors jump out at you, special sound effects and props build tension and darkness is key. Altogether, it’s pretty horrible.

So freaked out are the paid that at one point, Hart even lets out a little involuntary gas… “Hey, Jimmy. I just farted!”


If you thought Kevin¬†freaked out on that rollercoaster, you ain’t seen nothing yet.