Man Arrested After Locking Teen Daughter In A Cage For Using Snapchat Dog Filter Too Much

Washington Heights, New York. A 42 year-old man named Rolando Cruz has been arrested after admitting to locking his seventeen year-old daughter up in a DOG CAGE for days on end. He had apparently become enraged with her constant use of dog filters on pictures on Snapchat.

The girl’s grandma, Odalys Cruz, first discovered what was happening: “My baby girl always calls me to talk about stuff. She comes to my house at least once a week to help me around the house. I figured something was wrong when my son Rolando had not returned any of my calls. I decided to go over to their house to make sure everything was okay and that is when I found my baby locked in a cage in her room.”

Reports suggest that Monica was kept in the cage for three days and made to eat Purina dog food. The cage had been lined with newspaper and the room stank of feces.

“I had come home from Newport Mall with some friends before everything got so crazy,” the girl later said. “My mom was sitting on the couch crying and my dad was in my bedroom. My told me that she was going to pray for me and the next thing I know, I’m in a cage like some kind of dog. I can’t believe my parents would do something like this to me over some Snapchat pictures.”

Snapchat Dog Filter
NYPD Detective Santiago, the arresting officer spoke with the Cruz family and told local media outlets this:

“Mr. Cruz explained to me that he found several photos on his daughter’s Facebook page that made her look like a dog. He asked some friends at his job about what it was and they told him that it was an app that gave the photos the effect.”

“Mr. Cruz was not happy that his daughter would choose to look like a dog on the internet which prompted him to take extreme measures in an attempt to discipline his daughter.”

On his arrest, Mr. Cruz was unrepentant. He was heard by neighbors to shout, “My daughter wanted to be a dog so I treated her like one!”

Monica has since been placed in the custody of her grandmother by social services. She is now allowed to use her Snapchat dog filters once again.