Ex-World’s Strongest Man Absolutely DESTROYS Cocky Rapper In Total Freak Show MMA Fight

It was nothing less than a freak show. It’d never be allowed by the UFC or any other MMA organization in the US, but in Poland? Well, the KSW are actually legit. They just wanted to have a bit of fun. So they set up a fight between a former World’s Strongest Man and a rapper. And guess what happened…? Yup, the strong guy won.

But this is no ordinary strongman. Mariusz Pudzianowski is a Polish hero. He’s also well schooled in MMA. So when he got into the ring with fellow countryman Paweł Rak AKA ‘Popek Monster’, Pudzianowski finished him with ease.

Rak is a big guy, but he’s not a pro fighter. So he did well to last the minute he did. The fight was only really granted because he’d been shooting his mouth off so much, the KSW – and everyone else – kinds wanted to see him beat up a bit!

Popek Monster had fought professionally before, but that was a good eight years ago and his rustiness showed on the night…

Mariusz Pudzianowski and Polish rapper Paweł Rak

Popek Monster gave it the big one before the fight, but it took only 62 seconds for the former strongman to crush his opponent.

Mariusz Pudzianowski and Polish rapper Paweł Rak

It was a total FREAK SHOW. But fun…

Mariusz Pudzianowski and Polish rapper Paweł Rak

See for yourself exactly what went down…