Dude Finds Loophole To Sell Weed ‘Legally’; P*sses Off Local Cops


Call him an entrepreneur. Call him a drug dealer. Call him a man who sells ’empty’ plastic bags on the internet… Or just call him ‘Corey’. Call him whatever you like, we’ll call him smart. For that whole empty bags thing? It’s a clever loophole that allows him to legally sell weed in a state that prohibits it.

Massachusetts recently decriminalized cannabis. But not entirely. It’s perfectly legal now to grow and possess marijuana, but here’s the rub – you can’t sell it. What you can do, though, is sell plastic bags. With free weed inside…

Here’s what the guy says in his ads on Craigslist:

“Disclaimer: I am selling you an empty bag. Marijuana placed in that empty sandwich bag is simply a legal gift, not connected in anyway, to any sales.”

Smoking Weed

So long as it’s less than an ounce, you’re legally allowed to gift some green. And that’s what Corey does. He pops it inside those empty plastic bags you buy from him.

So, it’s the perfect crime, huh? Well, no. And not because it isn’t even technically a crime. Because, according to Northwestern District Attorney David Sullivan, it is. He labels it fraud.

You can gift weed, but not advertise the gift. So Corey’s still breaking the law…


Not that he cares. He’s still selling, claiming the cops don’t investigate him because it’s not worth their time.

Anyone need any plastic bags? We think we’re running out…

*looks up Corey’s Craigslist ad*