MMA Fighter Puts Drugged Up Troublemaker To Sleep On Subway

Public transport can be dangerous. Rogue guys tanked up on alcohol or drugs lose their sh*t and decide to start trouble? There’s nowhere to go. All too often these days, people ignore problems and don’t stick up for themselves or others, but you’re about to see a fine example of someone who refused to do that and got himself involved. And, thankfully, it all ended up alright.

A bunch of people are on a subway in California and a guy without a shirt starts causing trouble. He’s being aggressive and shouting and challenging people and, well, you know the drill. It’s what some drunk and high people do sometimes – they act like idiots.

It looks as though he’s gonna come to blows with a dude on the train and then BLAM! Out of nowhere a stacked guy with MMA skills comes into the shot and just puts the guy to sleep…

Subway MMA

The skilled fighter who intervened to calm things down later said this on Facebook:


Here’s what went down: