This Motorcycle’s Heat Reactive Paint Job Is Sweet AF

Most motorcycles come in a standard dark color or some sort of garish neon hue. Either way, it’s not that exciting. Why not get a bad*ss paint job on your bike? Well, yeah. You could. But it might stick out a little and be a target, if you know what we mean. The solution? A bike that can change it’s paint job. Bear with us here…

We’re talking about heat-reactive paint. Painted on, when an engine or gas tank or tailpipe is cool, you just see a black matte finish. But once the thing’s revved up and hot, the paint job is ‘woken up’, so to speak and comes out to play.

And this is about as sweet an example of what we’re talking about as you can probably imagine. See what we mean:


You’re gonna dig this. Check it out: