Evo Hits Corner Far Too Fast During Race; Spectacularly Drives Off Cliff

Pike’s Peak, Colorado. Deep in the Rocky Mountains, an incredible race takes place. It’s called The┬áPikes Peak International Hill Climb and it’s pretty safe to say that’s it’s EPIC. Epic and dangerous beyond belief. There aren’t many road races that see drivers hurtling around 1,400ft clifftops. On this course there are 156 bends across the 12 miles of the course. Most of which leave no margin for error at all…

When you crash, you crash BIG. One turn is especially dangerous. It’s called ‘Devil’s Playground’. And it’s fearsome and has the name for a reason… As Mitsubishi Evo racing driver Jeremy Foley found out.

Foley was driving and picking up pace but failed to hit the brakes hard enough on the Devil’s Playground turn, causing the fall. And it makes for pretty terrifying viewing. There’s a regular camera view plus two in-car camera views in the video.

Luckily Foley and his co-driver – incredibly – escaped unharmed. Check it out: