How Inmates Make Their Own Tattoo Guns In Jail

Tattoos. They’re big business now. Everyone has them these days. Well, a lot of people, at least. It used to be just sailors and prisoners. That’s right – in the old days if you were inked it meant you’d either been in the Navy or in jail.

And jailhouse tattoos are still popular. How, though? It’s not like they have little tattoo parlors in penitentiaries, is it? Well, no. The cons tatt each other. With makeshift tattoo guns.

Fancy making one yourself? Well, you’re weird. Still… What you’re gonna need: A Walkman (good luck finding one of those), a few paperclips, some rubber bands and a pen. Follow the instructions below and you’ve soon got yourself a nice tattoo gun. You can now start inking crazy convicts with My Little Pony tatts.

Jail Tattoos

So, then. This is useful to know if you’re planning on a spell inside. And want to start offering a really poor tattoo service in there. Check it out: