Wiz Khalifa Arrested By 6 Cops For Failing To Hand Over Hoverboard At Airport

Furious 7 Rapper Wiz Khalifa’s been arrested again. But this time it wasn’t on a drugs charge. It was much stranger than that… He was taken to the floor and handcuffed by half a dozen police officers at LAX airport after flying in from doing shows in France and Finland. Why? Well, for being on a hoverboard!

When officers asked the See You Again hitmaker to get off the board and hand it over, Khalifa refused. Things turned ugly and he was arrested for apparently ‘resisting arrest‘. You can decide for yourself whether he resists or not in the video below.

Here’s a video of Khalifa getting taken down by the six cops:

And here’s how he responded to the events on Twitter:

What do you think? Were the cops harsh or him or should he just have handed it over?