Son Casually Admits To Cutting Dad’s Killer Up In Revenge Murder

Moradabad, India. 24 year-old Alam Khan has been arrested for the murder of the man who killed his father when he was just twelve years old. Khan bided his time for over a decade before finally given in to his temptation and taking Mohammad Rais’ life in an act of vengeance.

Khan invited Rais round to his house for a drink, got him drunk and that hit him repeatedly with a hammer, before chopping him up with a hacksaw. “I played some music at full volume and cut his body into twelve pieces”, he bragged. He later explained that it was twelve for a reason – one piece for every year he had lived without a father.

Alam Khan had never once revealed to anyone that he was aware of the identity of his father’s murderer or that he had planned to take his revenge. Instead he played the long game and waited for a full twelve years to, as he says in his own words, ‘realize his dream’ of vengeance.

Alam Khan
Alam Khan (right).

When questioned after his arrest, Khan simply smiled and said he was ‘happy it was now done.’

A top police official, from the district of Moradabad said Khan had admitted to his crime with ‘complete and utter lack of remorse.’

Despite popular opinion in India being that Khan was right to seek revenge for his father’s murder, he will stand trial for murder and more than likely face a lengthy sentence.