Female Teacher Faces 20 Years Jail Time After Hook-Ups With GIRL Pupil!

Austin, Texas. A 25 year-old female high school teacher is looking at two decades in jail after she seduced and hooked up with a FEMALE student at the school she works at.

Kendall Lucas is (or ‘was’) also a sports coach and was coaching the unnamed seventeen year-old pupil, teaching her softball team. They are thought to have slept together in Lucas’ bed more than ten times.

Lucas is now suspended and was caught because she bragged about her conquest. Weirdly, Austin seems a bit of a hotspot for this kind of thing. This case here also hit the headlines recently…

Lesbian Teacher

Instances of teachers and students becoming romantically linked have been on a sharp rise not only in Texas and America for the past few years, but across the world. Experts claim social media is responsible for a large part.

Here’s more information on this messed-up story. Damn…