Prisoner Snapchats Jail Break


Jail. No one inside one wants to be there. Even the guards. So it’s no wonder that so many convicts attempt to break out of penitentiaries each and every year. But rarely do prisoners attempt to do so while filming themselves for social media…

That’s right, the dude in this video is using Snapchat as he plans and executes his prison break. Sound crazy? Well, yeah. We don’t disagree with you.

Now this has got some people screaming. They’re claiming that there’s no way that this video could be real. Some say because you can’t get cameraphones and weed in jail (which you absolutely can…). Others say it’d be in the news had a guy broke out and Snapchatted it. Hey, maybe that’s true. Maybe the prison covered it up. Who knows?

Prison Break Snapchat

What do you make of it all? Watch the compilation of Snapchats and decide for yourself…